About Mac Mediation

Mac Mediation Ltd is owned and operated by Lorraine McAndrew a qualified lawyer LL.B (Hons) LL.M, who has worked predominantly in the private commercial sector offering services to SME’s.

Previously Lorraine worked for the NHS and Derbyshire County Council in positions where direct contact with patients and service users happened daily.

Managing staff members along with work and cost schedules became second nature and it was therefore no surprise to learn that Lorraine had embarked onward with her own business initiative.

“Having experienced years of situations in areas of work that are very individual, witnessing some of the hardest decisions that people are faced to make, and dealing with real life human emotions that are so up close and personal that it really tests your understanding and comprehension of how people work, I feel that I am very well placed to Mediate on interpersonal issues. Those experiencing conflict in this area need to enter the Mediation process with the want and need to resolve, it is an area that can be quite intrusive and should not be considered half-heartedly, people need to be aware that if there is not the wish to resolve and rebuild relationships there is little point in undergoing the process. Interpersonal mediation is very effective for disputes involving workplace or landlord/tenant situations where the disputants realise there is a real need to resolve the conflict.”

Commercial Mediation

In more recent years Lorraine has worked very closely with a Company who offers utility services to the water industry.

“Contractual disputes, whether they are commercial or private can cause significant distress to companies or individuals alike when things do not go according to plan, having the skills to work through the dispute allows an unravelling of the situation to achieve resolution that everyone agrees to.”

Lorraine is Member and an Accredited Commercial Mediator with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators MCIArb. She also is an Accredited Interpersonal Mediator accredited by AIM Awards through UK Mediation.